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Image by Elsa Olofsson

White label Cannabinoid Gummies

Available in CBD, CBG, CBN, Delta 9 and Delta 8

Custom flavors also available upon request

Blackberry Motijo


Mango Guava


Green Apple



Available Cannabinoid Blends:

10mg Gummy -  (5mg HHC, 2.5mg CBN, 2.5mg CBC)

10mg gummy - 5mg THCv, 1mg CBDv, 2mg THD, 2mg CBC

10mg gummy - 4mg THD, 5mg CBN, 1mg CBD


5mg gummy - 4mg HHC + 1mg CBT

5mg  gummy - 4mg D8 + 1mg CBC 

5mg gummy - 4mg HHCO + 1mg THCO


10mg gummy - 5mg FS CBD + 5mg THCv

10mg gummy - 5mg FS CBD + 5mg CBN 

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